Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thank you for being awesome!!!

Thank you from the kids in OYE!
I know this really late, but I've been really busy going back to work and a little sick as well... I apologize for the people that have been waiting for an update.  I want to personally thank all of you that helped with donations! It really means a lot to me and I'm sure that this money will change the life of these kids and young adults that really need so much!

I didn't get to 2000$, but 1300$ is a loooooooot for all these kids and it means a lot to me as well :).

The fundraising won't stop until December, so if there is anybody that still wants to help this kids, you can do it!

Ragnar is a 200 mile race that requires more than one person to accomplish... I had an awesome team! And I want to thank them to do this with me! We made it! 200 miles in 31 hours!
The team!

Like with Ragnar, I wouldn't have been able to get the help that these kids need! That's why I want to reaaaaaaaally thank you:

Jill Toth
Samuel Fahrner
Megan Carter
Patrick Ahern
William Hutchison
Renata Borba
Joseph Kaser
Marla Spivak
Thomas W Leaf
Trisha Franz
Elaine Evans
Lauren Gillman
Jonathan Oliver
Steve Burkhardt
Milagros M Flores Fonseca
Patricia Vazquez
Elise Rosengren
Paulina Bernal
Chan Heu
Joel Gardner
Kelly Johnson
Thelma Heidel
Taylor Vowles
Felicia Christy
Demetri Lopez
Ana Luisa Ahern
Theresa Cira
John Munson
Micholas Schrupp
Curt Nelson
Jeff Hahn
Rod Felsheim
Dr. Ted and and Bethy Radcliffe

You all rock!!! You have touched many lives with this!! If I get a chance to go to Honduras, I'll make sure to go and meet in person the people that WE helped and post pictures in here. Thank you for being awesome!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

One week to Ragnar! Run 4 Oye makes it to the RagMag!

There is only one week to Ragnar Great River and I'm getting busy organizing the last details for the team. It is crazy that it is almost race day! I can't wait to be in the road with hopes that the effort that I'm putting into the race is actually going to help somebody in Honduras.

The best part of all... Ragnar decided to pick my story and OYE's story to be featured in the RagMag. I hope that helps to bring people to visit this wedsite and maybe OYE Hondura's website, so that more help comes for all these kids that need it so much.

Everyday several kids in Honduras drop out of school in order to work to support their family. The truth is... they can't really find jobs... so they turn into stealing and selling drugs. It is heart breaking when you see or stop a 6 year old from stealing somebody's phone or a calculator from a backpack, and it makes you wonder "Where has the world gone wrong?".

But the truth is... that is doesn't matter where it went wrong... it matters what I can do. I can do something...  We can do something.... We are the change. Help me fundraise $2000... We are almost half way there... That money will help at least two Honduran young adults to remain in college and bring a better future for my country. Donate by using the ChipIn link in the right upper corner of this website. The money will go directly to OYE Honduras.

If you want to see some of the kids that you will help and some of the things that OYE does, visit the following youtube video: "We are the change".

I also want to thank all of you who have already help. It really means a lot to me and the people in Honduras!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

1 mile = 1 more day in school for a Honduran child

Kids walking to school in rural Honduras
Did you know?: According to UNESCO 47% of the children that start primary school in Honduras won't even finish fifth grade because they have to work to help support their family or they don't have the economical means to continue in school ( These kids will remain in poverty, and not only that they will also most likely turn into thieves, drug dealers, and be part of the huge wage of violence that is affecting Honduras.

To help kids remaining in school, I'm running Ragnar Great River, a 200 mile overnight race, to raise money for OYE Honduras, a non-profit organization that is based in El Progreso, Honduras. I want to raise at least 2000$ for OYE Honduras, so please give me a hand to help in a good cause, by donating 1$ to any amount you can give using the ChipIn link in the right upper corner of this post. You can really change a life.

If you are interested in learning more about OYE Honduras, visit their website at  or read their reviews at